A letter to Steve Jobs: Apples’s UK Pricing is too high!

Subject: A 13 year old Apple enthusiast with a complaint
Date: 19 September 2010 18:41:24 GMT+01:00

Dear Mr. Jobs,

I am a 13 year old Apple enthusiast, who lives in the UK. I have managed to convert my whole family from using PCs to Macs. My whole family now has MacBooks, MacBook Pros, iMacs, iPhone 3GSs, iPhone 4s and multiple iPods. My friends have now also purchased Macs due to my influence. To round it up, I love everything Apple, except the UK pricing.
Why is it that the new Apple tv in the US costs $99 and here £99? It should be at the most £80. Why is it also that the iPad costs $499 in the US and £430 here? Apple’s UK pricing is nowhere near in proportion to the US pricing. At the time the iPad was first announced, I was seriously contemplating getting one, but when I saw the UK pricing, I was immediately put off. If UK prices are not lowered soon, products like the Samsung Galaxy Tab will push Apple out as the market leader simply because they offer the same services for half the price.
I do not wish to criticise, I just want Apple to be more accessible to the ordinary person with a less than average income. I have talked to a lot of people here and they all say the reason they do not get a mac, iPhone or iPad is because they are too expensive. At least make a mac and an iPhone 4 which cost less than half a thousand pounds. If Apple does, then you reap the rewards with more satisfied users, like me, and not fall to second place against the slow PC, clunky android phones and new tablet computers, simply due to cost.

Thank you for your time,

Nicolas Weninger


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