During my visit to America, I managed to get my hands on iAd, Apples attempt to get into the advertising business. On returning to the UK, I remembered that iAd had not yet been released here yet. So I waited for what Apple promised us would be a revolution (revolution being their favourite word) in advertising.
At long last, 2 months after being launched in the US, I finally got to try a UK iAd, much to my disappointment. Apple said that they would supply ads that would interest us. I was still getting ads from dating apps and “cheap calls to international mobiles at £1 a second! Wow!” (bit of exaggeration there). Totally uninteresting. Then, these ads were boring. No fancy HTML5 widgets or interesting content, just a screen with a “Buy Now” option. Not exactly what apple promised us. 
At least the Americans get decent iAds, whilst us here in the UK have to still deal with “Zoosk is the No. 1 dating app for the iPhone!”.
Sort it out Apple! 

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