Just how Irrelevant is Flash Becoming?

I was looking through the internet, when I found some perplexing news: I, in 2 years of owning this macbook, have never installed Flash. Now, I considered this for a moment, then I looked through my applications folder to see if I had actually initialled Flash previously, which I was sure I had. I had installed Adobe Air, a similar product but different in some way. This surprised me as I had heard a lot about flash content here and there, but to be honest, most of the websites with effects like Sony’s 3D World site are already using HTML5.
So, what does this mean for Adobe? Well, Flash was one of their most successful products for a while now, but, as we move away from the desktops and laptops, the mobile industry is becoming predominant with carriers offering a free smartphone every year. I believe products like Adobe CS5 will continue to be one of Adobe’s better products, but Flash, Adobe Air, Microsoft Silverlight [Microsofts earlier attempt to combat adobe] and Sockwave will all become redundant as we move to mobile friendly platforms such as HTML5, JavaScript and a few others.

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