We have all heard about them, we all know what they do and we all know what the problem is. But, if you take away all the media speculation and government pressure, what is the real story?
WikiLeaks is a non-profit organization who describe themselves as “an uncensorable system for untraceable mass document leaking”. This basically means that they release secret documents for the world to see. They release documents from corporate company information to classified war and government documents. Usually these go into tremendous detail as well.
WikiLeaks have come under tremendous government pressure from all over the world, including France and the USA, claiming that the documents leaked put public security at risk. WikiLeaks have had to move to Sweden now due to them not being allowed to operate in the US.
I personally believe that the public have a right to know about what is going on with their governments. After all, a democracy is a government FOR THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE. I mean, what is there to hide?
Yes, I can see the opposing point of view, that there could be some top secret military project in the works, which the country in question does not want the others to know about. That is why I am still a bit skeptical of WikiLeaks. Maybe they should throttle down a bit with the information they are releasing.
Overall, I believe that WikiLeaks is a good idea. It opens up the all powerful democratic governments, as they like to call themselves, to the mercy of the people; however, It should restrict the amount released in order to protect homeland and international security.

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