Remixes, Mashups and More

As part of one of my school ICT assignments, I need to post some of my favourite machups/remixes on my blog. Just to note, a remix is taking someone else’s work or content and re-makeing it into something original, as Larry Lessig says in this TED talk below (skip to 8:30 to see the interesting stuff):

Ok, so now you know what the situation with copyright law and remixes are, I will now show you one of my favourite remixes, making sure i have permission from the copyright owner first! It is from the song-a-day man, Jonathan Mann, who I am a big fan of, and was his first attempt at auto-tuning (making spoken audio sound musical). It is a remix from the opening of the 25th season of the Oprah Winfrey show, which will be her last series before going on to create her own network. 
Before any misconceptions arise, I am NOT an Oprah fan and I never will be. I just think this song is very catchy and I liked the tune. So, here it is:

Liked it? Just so you can compare, here is the original video, which I do not like that much. 
So, What are your favourite remixes? (meant in the most cliched sort of way imaginable)
I am also meant to list any videos that have been taken down due to copyright infringement. Unfortunately, I have no recent memory of this happening, even though I am sure it has happened, so a quick Google search (yes, Google is still better than Bing, only because I do not like Microsoft) returned the following results: (please note that the subtitles are incorrect, that is the whole point of the parody. I can actually speak German so I can understand it)

This is just a reaction video to the takedown notices. What actually happened was that the film producer of “The Downfall: Hitler and the end of the Third Reich” sent the DMCA takedown notices, forcing YouTube to remove any parodies or remixes of this video. 
Coming up: a  post/series of posts about copyright and copyright infringement over the next 3 weeks. Watch out for them (again, another cliche)!

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