New Theme, New Name, New Ideas.

You probably have by now noticed that the theme and name of the blog have completely changed (read my post on why i changed the name). Out of the limited choice Blogger offers regarding themes, I chose this one. Its modern and suited for the new age of the web, although it does not use HTML5, unfortunately! I have no idea how to code!
Moving on, why did I choose this theme with the wind turbine in the background? It looks good for a start and that should be, but it’s not, my only reason. I chose the wind turbine to present my thoughts on the world and how we interact with it (read my “Earth, Nature and Mankind” post). It is of vital importance that we learn how to use nature in a constructive way and not destroy it. We need to learn to adapt ourselves around nature instead of trying to force nature to adapt to us. We can clearly see the consequences of this (Japan, Chile, Haiti).
Tech companies have to lead the revolution, by making and selling eco-friendly products, while manufacturing them in a sustainable way (unlike Apple with Foxxcon).
The wind turbine is the perfect example of man working alongside nature.

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