Think Different, Again. Kind of.

Apple yesterday released their “We Believe” iPad 2 TV ad in the US. There are many aspects to this ad which mirror the Apple “Think Different” ad campaign, analysed in great depth in one of my older posts, such as changing the industry and the how we compute. Steve Jobs said in his iPad 2 keynote that the iPad was a “Post PC Device”, saying that the iPad changed how we worked and interacted with computers, which is very true. This new ad pushes that idea, as seen through the words “when technology gets out of the way, everything becomes more delightful”, which is also very true. So Apple are “Thinking different” when it comes to computing, not talking about specs, but what it is like to use the device. Other tablet manufacturers have to talk about specs to make them sound better than the iPad, even though they are worse, as they are not running iOS, and they are more expensive. Here that, the iPad is the cheapest in its category!
Yes, you will probably argue that there are also other companies making tablets, BUT, let me ask you this, who were the first to produce a successfully selling tablet which sold over 1 million on opening weekend? I will give you a hint: it was in January last year, it was delayed in the UK for 3 months and the company name begins with an A and ends in a E. If, by now you do not have it, its Apple. And that is a fact you cannot argue against [the fact that they produced the first tablet, I mean].
There are, however, many aspects that the ad does not share with the old “Think Different” ad, for example, the sole fact that the product is the main idea in the ad makes it a complete contrast to the “Think Different” ad. Also, it does not have such a big impact as the Think Different one had, as the Think Different ad (I am getting tired now of writing Think Different!) was symbolic of the return of Steve Jobs and the return of Apple’s famous counterpart.
So, after a very short, sweet and “all over the place” analysis (if you will call it that), I will now show you the actual ad.

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