New Logo

Recently, I have been looking around for a new logo for the site and social network pages of the blog. After much searching, two of my good friends (Elliot. G and Henry. H) designed and produced two different logos. Being myself, I was extremely (I cannot stress that enough) picky and on the verge of driving them nuts! Henry. H [blog link in the sidebar] continued designing and improving the logo, with an open source program called “The Gimp”, until we had the perfect logo. The whole process took us about a week using Facebook, due to the fact that I cannot, to save my life, give instructions over text and the fact that my ideas turned out to look like a messy jumble of lines instead of a good logo. After using Skype, we finished the process within one night.

So now I am guessing you want to see the development stages. I have only included the major changes, as I have deleted most of the minor ones!
The colours of the logo will change depending on circumstance. I would like to thank Elliot. G for designing a very good logo, it just was not what I was looking for. (see how picky I can be?) Thank you to Henry. D, my blogging partner, for designing these logos, even though the first is very morbid.

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