Microsoft, Again – Part III

Welcome to the last post in this 3 part series. Some of you may already know I loath Microsoft to the core, for a few distinct reasons found in a previous post. For those interested in the other parts in this series, they are found here and here.
Now we have a very formal introduction over, unusual for these types of posts, let me introduce to you the subject of this post: Steve Ballmer. Many know him as the current CEO of Microsoft, others know him as a salesperson, I know him as a twat who has no damn clue.
Don’t believe me? Look at this video.
HA! What an ignorant fool! Look where Windows Phone (WP) is now compared to iPhone! The lowest of the low, behind RIM (who are not doing too well either)! At the iPhone launch, every tech company and blog were complaining that it did not have a physical keyboard, including this excuse for a CEO! Most popular android phones don’t have keyboards, that being the reason why they are so popular! Those crappy, plastic keyboards were, and are, a pain to use, and one can type much faster on the iPhone keyboard. What about the $500 argument? Well, how much do the current WP7 phones cost? You guessed it! $500. Let us not forget how great WP 6.3 was: I myself had the pleasure of owning one (notice extreme use of irony).
The fact is Ballmer is a sales person, not a CEO. When Bill Gates left, the board chose the completely wrong person. Just take a look at these videos of him selling windows 1 and XP (both using Apple technology, as a side note).
REVERSI! Oh, god, the cheesiness! To be honest, the XP operating environment is much less worth than $99, but, then again, I am allergic to Windows, as my dad puts it! My point is that Ballmer is not a worthy CEO of Microsoft. He understands money, sales, finances and Excel (which I cannot use for the life of me), but he has no damn clue about what the people want. On the other hand, Steve Jobs will refuse to release a product until its perfect, as seen with the iPhone and iPad.
Let me give you a real example. Microsoft has been putting XP on tablets long before the iPad. Retailers worldwide had been pushing tablets to the general public for a long, long time, only to be bought by the pros, even then in small numbers. When the iPad came along, running a modified version of iOS, the iPhone software, tablets exploded overnight. Google came in with Android Honeycomb, and RIM with the Playbook, but January 27 2010 (the announcement of iPad) was a turning point in the evolution in tech, and Ballmer did not realize it!
He is still pushing the idea that tablets can run a PC operating system. The tablet is about low power, high performance devices, something Apple got spot on. There are screens with touch capabilities, but honestly, do you really want to hold your hand up all day long? No. It’s just a cool gimmick, and nothing else. Windows 8 is Microsoft’s answer to the tablet industry, but it’s also meant to run on PCs. As mentioned in part 2, this does, and will never work, until Apple finds a good way to do it!
To round up this short post, I would like to give another hint to Microsoft: fire the monkey that is Ballmer! He has proven too often than he has no clue about the Market and where the future lies. Anyone who lives in the past, like Mr. Ballmer, will drag a company down, competing in the ever-evolving world of tech. If Ballmer is unable to keep up with my grandfather, who is in his late 70s and using a mac, he will kill Microsoft in the near future. They are already sitting in the toilet; we just have to wait until somebody flushes them down.
So, what have we learned in this series of intriguing and enlightening posts on Microsoft. Well, and most prominently, they suck, and secondly, they have major issues with their teams in various areas, especially the Windows 8 team, who think the product is amazing, but in reality, it’s not. Microsoft really need to rethink their products, with no influence whatsoever from Ballmer, and wipe their slate clean. The decrepit MS-DOS system is old, and Windows will continue to suck until they move on to more modern standards.
Microsoft Suck, full stop.

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