A New Template – Blog – Adjustment – Tag-Line?

After adding a few changes to the blog and a desperate attempt at changing the template to bring it in to line with the modern styles of Fecund Musings and Jack Usher, I realised I don’t like change! Yes, this is a bad habit of mine, but changing the whole template seemed, and turned out to be, a challenging feat, especially with all me minor HTML tweaks, like adding the AddThis button and the Facebook Comments box. It works when you are just starting out, but migrating after a full years worth of tweaks and posts is near to impossible; however, not quite. Henry Dyer migrated to WordPress, but as I said, I don’t like change. Henry can code, I cannot, and no matter how hard I try, I just end up playing around with a the simplest bits of Javascript and Liner Basic.

So, I ended up deciding to stick with Blogger and use the default templates. WordPress was too unintuitive for me, a not coder, and even though Blogger is unintuitive, I have learned to play around a bit with the HTML, evident with the title in the centre, and just enjoy the experience of blogging for the world, whatever your world may be!

Just as a question to my readers, do you like the “Expect Everything” tag-line, because I have come up with something more original than that, but you will never know what it is unless you want me to change it.

Please, fill out the feedback form and tell me what you want to see. The Fecund Muser did it, and I headed his advice almost immediately by removing two very stupid questions that had no point to their existence whatsoever and removing those wind turbines from the background, which I liked, but now I like the new one even more.

See, change is good. I just don’t like it.


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