The Following Fortnight: Still Nothing

Yes, yes. I know you all want a new post filled with many unbelievably strong opinions, as custom with TheCompBlog, but it becomes very hard to write a 1000 word post when you have brand new teachers who give you an unholy amount of homework! Imagine sitting down from 5:30 to 8:30 (with dinner) doing homework due in the next day, non stop. Homework, homework, and guess what? MORE DAMN HOMEWORK! 
Every. Single. Day.
So, I ask of my readers to, as I always ask of them, to check out some of the older posts. Look at the patent disputes, Microsoft rants, Sony rants and all other posts with the label “opinions” (that guarantees a typical rant post).
Now, to all those in the education industry out there. What the hell is wrong with you? Are you trying to destroy my childhood? I have school until 4:15pm, then I get set two and a half hours of homework? (By the way, the new series of Two and a Half Men has started!) May I divert your attention to Austria, France, Germany and every single european country. When does school end for them? 2:30pm. 
Just to reiterate: 2:30pm, with 1 hour of homework max. 
How do I know this? Well, I have family in Austria and I know for a fact that my cousins are not sitting at a desk until 8:30pm (or 20:30 over there) doing homework. What happened to learning for the sake of learning and not the exam? Please, cut the amount of homework so we can at least have more than half an hour of free time, and you will see, productivity will go through the roof!
Moving on, I know I have a loyal user base worldwide, who avidly read and ponder, but, since I like seeing big numbers, can you spread the word a bit? My efforts have been fruitless! Also, to my loyal readers, give me a bit of feedback! Comment, tweet, email, whatever, just do not be afraid! Go ahed, start an argument, lets see who wins! doing a bit of sharing on top of that might be a good idea also.
One further matter. Since I am now doing a compulsory philosophy course instead of an actually useful ICT one, I am finding it slightly harder to gather ideas for then next post. Please, please, please give me any suggestions and ideas. I promise that every single one will be looked at and considered, I just need some ideas. Feel free to go crazy!
So, until next time.

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