To Fly. To Serve.

A few days ago, I came across a UK television advertising premier, namely, the new British Airways “To Fly. To Serve.” campaign. Now, BA used to be a great airline, no question, but may I direct you to the use of the word “was”.
Just in case you missed it: WAS

Nowadays, BA is, in my very strong opinion, one of the most incompetent, inefficient, incapable airlines flying. The whole thing started with Terminal 5 at Heathrow, with lost baggage and crappy computer systems that was unable to track my baggage for a week! After that incident, the whole thing went downhill: have you recently flown on BA? I few it to Geneva and let me tell you, a Boeing 737, while an old model, does not have crumbling seats with less than a few centimeters (or inches, for those still stuck on the imperial system) of leg room.

Negatives aside, BA sure do know how to spend thousands on an advertisement,, granted a very good one, that will do very little to the quality of the airline and planes. Spend the money on actually paying your staff!

See what I did there?
So, lets take a look at this advert.
Good, no? Although I might not like flying BA, this advert is very good. It appeals to ones sense of patriotism, although I don’t have any for the UK. It is very well made, showing the history of BA, from those old BOAC planes, to the Concorde and up to recent times, ignoring the whole T5 episode. 
Generally, this advert is very successful in pulling you into the moment. Its only when you emerge that you realize that you still don’t like BA.

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