Sorry for the Mess!

I truly am.

The migration has been called off, again, for the time being.

Sitting in my bed at 10pm, I have a lot to worry about, a piece of coursework, some long overdue homework and, possibly most prominently, the many, many, suggestions I got for my new blogging service.

They all agree Blogger sucks, except one.

Two say Tumblr is great.

And the rest, including the highly persuasive Henry Dyer, shout (and occasionally threaten me[!]) with WordPress.

So, the migration has been called off until I can clear my head about what to do. I am that temperamental with my decisions: i can never make my mind up! I shall most likely have decided by this weekend, with a migration before or on Christmas, depending whether I get hosting.

Just to be clear, we are DEFIANTLY moving away from blogger. There is no question about it. It was nice, but slightly annoying!

WordPress or Tumblr: that is the question. Do I want 404 error customisation or free and idiot proof? Do I want bother managing hosting or just let the pros do it? Which one is the more sustainable service?

We shall see my friends, we shall see…


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