Blogging since I was 14, I have always held a keen interest in technology and its consequences. Having the ability to shape and change the world in profound ways, overthrowing entire regimes, and affecting each individual person’s life in a completely unexpected and sincere manner. It is a volatile and ever-changing industry, and staying on top and ahead of the avalanche that is the game of technology is no small feat. Indeed, it is one that I shall not even attempt.

One must evolve with the times and circumstances. Technology is no longer its own subject, but is engraved within the very fabric of our modern society, and so, technology should not be treated as a tedious school lesson, but rather as a tool or skill set that is sitting at the helm of the rocket firing us into a new world of innovations, breakthroughs, upheavals and change. Without it, we would still be crawling in the primordial ooze, not doing anything meaningful with our time. And just like these tools change, so do our outlooks on the world that encompasses them. Opinions change, and I, as many other bloggers do, will freely admit that I am no exception. From one week to the next, who knows, I might just become a fan of Microsoft again.

But as technology changes, as it invariably does, so do we. This is not a technology blog, although it was initially started up to be so; instead, it had evolved into a personal diary of sorts, encompassing my thoughts, achievements and downfalls in one, easy to access place, so the world can laugh at my somewhat incoherent and silly musings. It just happens to be that technology and science interests me.

Enjoy the products of my intelligent garbage, while I try to live up to the mantra my good friend coined: Blogging for the world.

“If you can’t dazzle them with your intelligence, baffle them with your bullshit.”

Nicolas Weninger


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